How To Become A Self-Made Millionaire

What would it take to become a self-made millionaire?  Does the mere thought of it feel like wishful thinking?  Or maybe just a bit intimidating?

Of course, any project, especially one as challenging as turning yourself into a self-made millionaire, will go better if you have someone to guide you through the process, someone who has personally achieved what you’re striving towards.

Imagine you could have your own personal self-made millionaire mentor who will share exactly how he did it and who will guide you through the process?  Do you think this would help – a lot?

I’m sure you do.  But your old, non-millionaire mindset will immediately ask the kinds of questions that are certain to sabotage your success:   But aren’t mentors incredibly expensive?   It depends on how the mentorship works.  Sure, hours of phone support and personal meetings will probably be out of reach for just about anybody who would need that kind of help.

But here’s a way that’s much more affordable.  Adam Khoo, a self-made millionaire by age 26, and now a multi-millionaire and best-selling author as well as in-demand speaker, has produced an audio coaching program where he discloses all the secret ingredients of becoming seriously rich.  And the best thing, he guides you every step of the way.  He’s by your side with encouragement and guidance, with motivation, and with very specific and detailed examples.  Once you listen to his explanations and work through the workbooks, getting wealthy will suddenly feel a lot more doable.

How does Adam accomplish this feat?  First of all, he shares how he himself became a millionaire, starting with his school days, where he transformed himself from a miserable failure to a top student in a very short time.  And where he went out to teach others how to do the same.  And turned that into money!  Adam’s inspiring story and his enthusiasm will give you a big boost.

Before you begin, you probably wonder if you even had it in you to become a millionaire.  Surely, those amazing people who have accomplished that feat have really special gifts, you may think.

You’ll quickly discover that that’s not the case.  Adam assures you that we all have the same gifts.  It’s just that some of us use them more skillfully than others.  And in his audio coaching program, he is going to teach you how you too can transform yourself into a person who puts his or her gifts to the best possible use.

Chances are you have read other books about “millionaire secrets” before and have found yourself utterly frustrated because they were filled with promises that weren’t fulfilled.  It all sounded good, but every time you were looking for actual how-to information, the books came up empty.  This is not the case with Adam’s program.  He delivers specifics.

Sure, Adam includes plenty of pep talks along with a bit of tough love, and you’ll need it all.  Why? Because there’s real work involved in becoming a millionaire.  Meditating on it won’t make it happen.  Yet the right mindset paired with the right kind of concerted effort will.  And Adam’s program gives you the tools to get it right and shows you how to apply them.

What will you get?  The program consists of 12 downloadable audio lessons that average about 45 to 55 minutes each, with some of them more than an hour long.  And Adam talks fast, and packs a lot of information into each one.  You’ll see just how much when you look at the transcripts that are also included as PDF documents.

The lessons include the following:

  • 7 Steps to Financial Freedom
  • Developing the Million Dollar Mindset
  • How the Rich Manage Cash Flow
  • Strategies to Massively Increase your Income (TWO lessons on that one!)
  • Managing Money and Controlling Expenses
  • Creating Multiple Streams of Income Online (TWO lessons on that one too!)
  • Investing Like Warren Buffett (TWO lessons here too!)
  • Growing Your Money at Millionaire Returns (TWO lessons!)
  • Designing Your Millionaire Road Map

The topics sound very enticing, and unlike a lot of other programs, Adam delivers.  He really does give you the nitty-gritty how-to for all of the above.

For example, the two lessons on online income are among the clearest, fuss-free, and comprehensive guides to internet marketing I have encountered to date.

And the strategies to massively increase your income are just plain brilliant as are those in the rest of the program.  Adam tells you how you can increase your value to your employer exponentially – and command the salary increases to match.  And that’s just for starters.  Wish I had known those earlier.  In fact, that’s what I kept thinking while listening to most of this program.

In his investing lessons, all four of them, Adam provides more information than even an armful of books ever would.  He teaches you how to pick stocks, how long to keep them, and so on. It’s very comprehensive, and you can literally get started after just working your way through this program.

And while 12 audios and the matching transcripts would provide plenty of value for your money, especially considering the content, that’s not all.  You’ll also get bonuses:

You’ll get a manual of more than 200 pages, which is both a workbook with space for you to fill in as you work yourself through the process, and a quickie overview over the program, complete with graphics and tables that you’ll find yourself referring to again and again.

And then there are 7 spread sheets, which help you with determining your own net worth, your income statement, making money on the internet with the internet profit formula, and, yes, pick the right stocks!  Or tell if you’ve picked the right ones. And when to sell them too.

In the program itself, Adam covers a huge territory as you can see from the titles of the lessons above.  He helps you explore your attitudes about money, and, very importantly, change the ones that don’t serve you.  If you worry what would happen if you were to actually make money, you probably won’t make much.  And if you do, self-fulfilling prophecy goes right to work and helps you live up – or down – to your expectations.

Adam is a very enthusiastic speaker and a fast talker, which means, that you may sometimes wish you could rewind.  In fact, the pace of his presentation style is a bit on the fast side.  I kept wanting to tell him to slow down.  He also has a Singapore accent for obvious reasons and coupled with the fast pace it can occasionally .

But what really counts is what he delivers, and he delivers a terrific blueprint for becoming a self-made millionaire.  All the info you need is right here.  Just add action, stir, and watch your net worth grow.

Yes, I Want To Try Adam’s Product And Become A Self-Made Millionaire

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