How to Do Virus Prevention Without Anti Virus

Sometimes, we feel worry when we want to plug our flash disk into our computer. Why? That’s because of the grow of virus variety around us, and sometimes just plug your flash disk into your computer is enough to get your computer infected by some virus. By this post, I want to share some tips to prevent our computer from getting infected by virus where exist in some flash disk that is plugged to our computer. And, we can prevent this without any anti virus. How? Keep reading to know…

1. Turn off the autoplay

Many viruses use a feature named autoplay as a powerful way to infect our computer. What is autoplay? In short, autoplay can be defined as some act that our computer will do when we plug flash disk into our computer. How can our computer know what it must do? Those commands are available in a file named “autorun.inf”, which is probably hidden in the flash disk. If a flash disk is infected with a virus, this file usually has been modified, in order to run the virus file that exists in that flash disk once the flash disk is plugged to the computer. OK, now how to turn off that autoplay feature?

The first, install a program named TweakUI for Windows XP here.

The second, open the TweakUI program. Choose menu “My Computer” > “Autoplay” > “Drives”, and then uncheck all available drives there.

After you uncheck all of them, press the OK button, and you have successfully turned off the autoplay feature on your computer.

2. The way you open the flash disk

After you turn off the autoplay, you can comfortably plug your flash disk to your computer. But, you must be careful about how to open it. Let’s start with opening “My Computer”. Then, try first to do the “right-click” on the drive of the flash disk that you want to open. If the text “Autoplay” is on the top (before “Open”), then probably your flash disk has been infected by some virus, but your computer won’t be infected, unless you run the virus file in that flash disk.

One thing you need to remember is never open a flash disk drive by double-clicking on that drive (moreover if you have known that there are some viruses in it). Because, if you do the double-click, then your computer will run the top command (from the command list that you can see when do the right-click). So, how can you see your flash disk content? Press the icon “Folders” on the toolbar menu of “My Computer”, then click your flash disk drive on the LEFT side of the screen (that contains the folder list as a tree).

3. Be aware of every file!

The third thing you need to remember is, virus can pretend as a normal file! That’s possible for a virus to pretend like a folder icon sothat you will open it without doubt (and you will realise after that). But, that virus “mask” actually can be revealed easily. How? Choose menu “View > Details” on the menubar of My Computer. After you do that, all files will be displayed as a detail view, including the type of each file there. Remember, be aware of every files which type is “Application” or “Screensaver”. If you see a file with those types, and you are not sure that’s from a trusted source, I’m strongly recommend you not to open it!

The same treat for your folder. A normal folder’s type is “File Folder”. If you find a folder which type is “Application”, that’s probably a pretending virus! Never open it, unless you want to harm your computer.

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