Journey Report 2014

Journey Report 2014-Overview

Last year, on the new year day, one of my resolution was to log all of my journeys along the year. The complete logs contain thousands of rows, and it enables me to compile the report to see the stats of my overall journeys.

I was surprised when I know that in 2014, I took a total of more than a thousand journeys, spent almost 40 days on the way, and drove almost ten thousands km.

That’s a lot of journeys, and most of them happened in one of the most crowded city in the world: Jakarta. Considering Jakarta traffic, one of the newspaper columnist in Indonesia said that in Jakarta, every second is a miracle. So, to survive millions of seconds I spent on the road this year was actually millions of miracles!

Often, I took God’s protection as granted. Seldom I asked God for protection for my journey, but God did protect me during every seconds of my journeys.

I received a good quote from a friend recently: “This is the difference between God and human. God gives, gives, gives, and forgives. While human gets, gets, gets, and forgets.” We should be more thankful for every simple miracles that we may not even notice.

Let’s start this new year with a thankful heart.

Happy new year, friends! Have a blessed year ahead.

About Charles

Seorang alumni Fakultas Ilmu Komputer UI. Suka mengoleksi buku-buku dan membagikan inspirasi-inspirasi yang didapatkannya. Mencintai matematika dan logika sederhana. Hobinya adalah mencari inspirasi dan membagikannya. Seorang biasa yang percaya bahwa dia memiliki Tuhan yang luar biasa.

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