What Does Matter More Than A Good Result?

Few years back, I got an idea to develop a computer application. I was excited about the project, and so I started right away. I enjoyed the coding, the design processes, and also learned some new things along the way. Until it was finished and I shared my idea and my works with others.

What’s their response? They thought that my idea was not good and couldn’t be used. Though there was a slight disappointment, it wasn’t really a matter for me. After all, it was not a waste, because I enjoyed the process, and I learned a lot from the process.

Later on, the lessons that I learned from that failed project enabled me to develop other applications that really work.

If you enjoy the process, you won’t care much about the result. The good result is just like a bonus for you. What really matters is what you have learned along the way.

About Charles

Seorang alumni Fakultas Ilmu Komputer UI. Suka mengoleksi buku-buku dan membagikan inspirasi-inspirasi yang didapatkannya. Mencintai matematika dan logika sederhana. Hobinya adalah mencari inspirasi dan membagikannya. Seorang biasa yang percaya bahwa dia memiliki Tuhan yang luar biasa.

5 responses to “What Does Matter More Than A Good Result?”

  1. goei says :

    of course, as always, easier said than done. Glad that you enjoyed your job, Char! 🙂

  2. Charles says :

    Yup, that’s true. Always a struggle to do that, until it becomes a habit. Thanks, Mon! 😀

  3. Ivana C. T. says :

    Walaupun tidak gampang. Sangat setuju dengan kalimat terakhirmu kak.. 🙂

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