You’ll Never Loose From The Grip of God’s Grace

I just can’t resist not to write and share my wonderful experience of God’s surprising way to work in my life. Too many surprises to be counted that I’ve received from God. Let me share the newest one…

I’m currently in Singapore for a three-weeks-visit, doing work in a Christian ministry. And this is my second week ongoing…

This happened yesterday, a day before Singapore National Day, which is a holiday here. I was planning where I would go on the National Day holiday when my office mate said that there would be a guest, who is the speaker of this coming Friday Youth Bible Conference, that would come and stay at the same place as mine (They provide me a guest house).

It didn’t end there. She said that the guest would come to a practice session tomorrow morning (which is today) which she supposed to accompany him, and there’s possibility for me to be asked to accompany him as well. And so I stopped planning, had already found something to do on the holiday, and that’s good!

At night, my other Indonesia office mate who also on visit and stays at the same place as me, invited me to join him and some other office mates to go to a mangrove garden, enjoy nature, tomorrow morning. Already having something to do tomorrow, which is still a possibility, I can’t promise to join him, though I would like to join since I never come there before. It should be an interesting adventure.

Then, late at night, the guest came. He is a friendly guy, came from US. We talked on some topics. Then I realized that he has yet to be given a key, so I assumed I have to stay and open the door for him tomorrow, and maybe, go with him to the practice session. So I said to my friend that I wouldn’t be able to join him (and he kindly left some curry puffs for my breakfast, thanks mate :D).

Don’t get me wrong. I would be happy to go with the guest, to introduce the good of Singapore that I just discovered, to come and experience practice session, to have lunch together :P, to share with him. That’s just another exciting plan for me!

Night was over, and the day comes… So, it’s today, the first national holiday I experienced in Singapore!

When I woke up, my friend had already gone. I did my morning activity, and made bread for my breakfast. It’s an honor too that I was given a chance to serve a cup of coffee for the guest, that allowed me to receive the joy of serving. Then, on 9.30am, my boss arrived at my place. So we both went downstairs.

My boss was surprised to see me coming with the guest. He asked, “Oh, would you go, too?”. Since I’m just happy to follow what my boss wants me to do, I said, “Up to you, sir… I’m flexible, I just get ready in case you ask me to go.” And he said that that’s okay for me to stay. So I just waved my hand and said goodbye to them, and back to my place.

Coming back to my place, I found myself alone in the quietness. And, wow, I’m more than happy to know that I have a whole day alone in quietness! I found this is a gracious time that God has given to me, to do anything that I’m hard to do in my regular busy and tiring schedule. I can read books, I can write blogs, I can pray, I can do reflection, I can care my friends on Facebook, I can clean my room, I can sleep, I can browse something useful, I can have a quiet time, alone with God. In fact, this note will never exist without a time like this. Oh, so gracious time!

I may have complained that life is not going as what I’ve planned. I may have regretted not to join my friend’s adventure. I may have felt rejected by my boss. I may have drowned into loneliness and cried for myself. The list is infinite…

But from the sincere of my heart, I’m so grateful that God has changed my mind. Instead of looking for the bad, God opened my eyes to see the goodness in my situation, which is only happened by His grace. This is what God has taught me:

  • Having an adventure with my friend, it’s His grace
  • Going with the guest to the practice session, it’s His grace
  • Being alone with Him in my room, it’s His grace

Wow! I can never loose from the grip of His grace! Everything that happens in my life, either it’s good or bad, it’s His grace. God knows what is the best for me. I just can propose my plan, but God, in His sovereignty, chooses the best version of my plan to happen in my life. I may suffer now, but He assures me that at the end, it’s always good, it’s always the best thing for me. How can’t I be so thankful to have Him walking with me in my life? 🙂

That reminds me to what God said in 1 Corinthians 2:9,

What no eye has seen,
what no ear has heard,
and what no human mind has conceived—
the things God has prepared for those who love him

Never limit God’s way to make something good in your life. Just love Him and be thankful that He provides all we need, not all we want, because what we want isn’t always good. Just be happy and be grateful in every situation you’re in, because you’ll never loose from the grip of His grace.

God never fails to surprise me.

What’s God’s surprise for you today?

May God bless you.

Charles Christian

9 August 2011

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About Charles

Seorang alumni Fakultas Ilmu Komputer UI. Suka mengoleksi buku-buku dan membagikan inspirasi-inspirasi yang didapatkannya. Mencintai matematika dan logika sederhana. Hobinya adalah mencari inspirasi dan membagikannya. Seorang biasa yang percaya bahwa dia memiliki Tuhan yang luar biasa.

One response to “You’ll Never Loose From The Grip of God’s Grace”

  1. goei says :

    Nice one Char! Contentment is sometimes the best but the hardest thing that human can do.

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