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4 Reasons on Why Is The Best Blogging Platform Ever

Today, I have blogged for more than two years, using blogging platform. In my opinion, and based on my experience, I have to say that is the best blogging platform ever. I have no advantage to promote I just so satisfied, that I can’t help writing this post as my appreciation to team. Now, I want to share my reasons to love, and claim them as the best blogging platform ever. Here they are…

1. They have a bunch of cool features

You want to create a blog in seconds? Just go to, fill some forms, and you’ll get your blog in seconds.

You are curious about the number of human visitors that read your blog? They have a cool stats page with so many information, like which posts that are read by visitors, the referral site that the visitors came from, the link on your blog that is clicked by visitor, the number of pageviews you get on any specific posts on any given day, the summary of pageviews on your blog, etc.

You are sick of any spam comments on your blog? Say goodbye to spams, since the WordPress founder himself invented Akismet, the world’s best comment and trackback spam technology. It blocks spammers from leaving comments on your blog.

You want to schedule your post? They have scheduled post feature, that helps me to update this blog on 6.00 AM everyday.

You want to change the appearance of your blog? They have over 75 attractive themes, and you can switch themes instantly with just a click of a button. Moreover, you can customize the theme a bit, like the header image, the sidebar widgets, etc.

You want to stick your post to the top of your blog? They have sticky post.

You want to add a photo gallery, Youtube video, mathematics equation, or source code? They can do it.

You want to store many images or media? They give you 3 GB for you to store your stuffs.

You want to create a private post, or a password-protected post? They can do it.

You want to get more traffic? Once you do a new post, your post will be listed on Google search engine.

Those features is like the top of an iceberg… There’re so many other cooler features inside WordPress.

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